Chemistry and Biochemistry

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this/where is the Central Stockroom?

This is not the Central Stockroom.  The Central Stockroom is found in 126 Nicholes Building (connected to the Benson). Go down the lab hallway towards the Eyring Science Center.  After you pass the elevator you will enter the Nicholes building. Take the right hallway and the Central Stockroom will be on your right.

Can I buy goggles/labcoat here?

No.  You can buy goggles and labcoats at the Central Stockroom or in the BYU Store.

If I’m not in a lab class, can I get equipment here?

No.  You can buy equipment and chemicals from the Central Stockroom.

How do I pay the charges I incur?

After checkout at the end of the semester, you will be given a summary of your charges for the semester.  The balance indicated on this receipt will be charged to your MyFinancialCenter.

Is there a lab fee for my class?

All students in Chem 107, Chem 113, Chem 223, and Chem 227 are charged a basic lab fee to cover gloves, chemicals and disposable glassware.

How do I work at the stockroom?

We hire new employees almost every semester.  The prerequisites are Chem 105/106/107 or Chem 111/112/113.  It is recommended that you take Chem 201.  Apply at the Central Stockroom located in 126 Nicholes Building (see above for directions).