Chemistry and Biochemistry



Only students currently enrolled in lab classes are allowed in the labs. Proper personal protection equipment must be worn at all times in the lab (minimum of Splash Goggles, long pants and closed shoes). Goggles and Lab Coats can be rented from the stockroom for $1 and $4, respectively. No food or drink is allowed in the lab at any time. Safety data sheets are available in the stockroom for all chemicals used in the labs. Students who are injured are required to fill out a general­-injury report form.


Cash Sales

All transactions are through myfinancialcenter on mybyu.

Check Out

All students who check into a drawer must also check out of the drawer.  Otherwise, a $30 abandoned locker fee will be charged to their account.


Chemical Sales

Our stockroom supplies chemicals only for Chem 107, Chem 111, Chem 113, Chem 223, Chem 227, and Chem 518.


Class Fees

Each undergraduate class has an associated lab fee. This fee covers things used in the class like lab kits, gloves, chemicals, chemwipes, and disposable glassware (i.e. pipets and test tubes). Students are responsible for replacing any broken or missing glassware in their drawer at the end of the semester.