Chemistry and Biochemistry


Back row (L to R): Zachary Buchanan,

Joseph Nguyen, Brittany England, Austin Carter

Zak Owens, Matthew Allen

Front row (L to R): Laura Andreasen, Justin Bosley,

Emily Hally, Evan Long

Matthew Allen


Hometown: Idaho Falls, ID

Degree: Economics

Minor: Chemistry

No. 1 Skill: Recreation

Brittany England

Hometown: Columbia,


Major: Chemistry

No. 1 Skill: Parafilming

like a boss

Laura Andreasen

Hometown: South Jordan, UT 

Major: Exercise Science

No. 1 Skill: Singing  

Justin Bosley

Hometown: Mesa, AZ

Major: Nutritional Science

No. 1 Skill: Being Awesome 24/7

Zachary Buchanan

Hometown: Damascus, OR   

Major: Chemistry

No. 1 Skill: Racquetball

Austin Carter

Hometown: Novi, MI

Major: Chemical Engineering

No. 1 Skill: Partying

Emily Hally

Zak Owens

Hometown: Roseville, CA

Major: Exercise Science

No. 1 Skill: Playing guitar

Joseph Nguyen

Hometown: North Ogden, UT

Major: Biochemistry

No. 1 Skill: Titrating

Evan Long

Michael Crandall