Chemistry and Biochemistry

Research Openings

There are many research groups which have current openings! (Below is just a short list)

Students who are interested should utilize the Undergraduate Research Booklet to find current research topics and contact those faculty whose research interests them: inquire about whether the group has openings and make an appointment to talk with the Professors.

Faculty Group 

Project Title


Dr. Harrison

Separation of Water Contaminants

 Completion of Chem 105/106 or 111/112, and Chem 107 or 113

Dr. Dearden 

Molecular modeling: calculate structures and energetics of molecular complexes.

 Completion of or concurrent enrollment in Chem 111 is a plus, but not absolutely essential.

Experimental measurement of molecular collision cross sections: help in characterizing a new method for measuring the sizes of molecules using a high-performance mass spectrometer. 

Completion of Chem 227 is a plus but not absolutely essential


pH and Glucose Sensing in Trypanosoma brucei (the causative agent for African Sleeping Sickness or HAT).

 Minimum qualifications: Chem 105/106 or 111/112, Chem 107 or 113.  MMBIO 241 is also helpful, but not required.

Dr. Willardson

Mechanisms of Assembly of Cell Signaling Complexes

Chem 481 Biochemistry 

Dr.  Andrus

I always have  openings for undergrad researchers. If you are interested please make an appointment with me.