Chemistry and Biochemistry

Student Advisory Council

The BYU Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Student Advisory Council (SAC) is committed to improving the Department's academic experience.

General Information

The Council is assembled of students from all Department majors. In the past, the Council has worked to improve laboratory coursework, available resources (including website content, outlets, etc.), and give voice to the concerns of students who are unable to approach faculty members with interests or concerns.

Contact Information: 

Contact Department administration to reach members of the Council. If you would like to serve on the council, contact Department Administration.

    1. Valerie Maker, Department Secretary (Main Office)
    2. David Dearden, Department Chair
    3. Sue Mortensen, Undergraduate Advisement

    Mission Statement

    The SAC wishes to improve the academic experience within the BYU Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. The Council advocates student concerns and viewpoints in Department decisions. Through interactions with professors and administrators, the Council helps improve courses, curriculum and student-teacher relations. The Council welcomes all constructive ideas and suggestions to help it succeed in its mission statement.

    Last updated 21 June 2022