Chemistry and Biochemistry

Student Portfolio

All chemistry and biochemistry undergraduates who are graduating are required to submit a Student Portfolio.
Students will be reminded in their classes and by the chairs secretary as the due date draws near. 
Be aware that ultimately it is the students responsibility to turn in their portfolio to the department.
Please email the required documents to
The requirements for your Student Portfolio are as follows:
  1. Initial Essay – written in CHEM 227
  2. Independent Project Report – written in CHEM 227
  3. Research/Review Paper – written in CHEM 391
  4. Example of research writing / work sample - eg. chem ed can turn in a lesson plan done for their student teaching.
  5. Advanced Lab Report – can come from any advanced lab beyond CHEM 354, if you do not have advanced lab experience, another lab report will be acceptable such as a report from CHEM 497R.
  6. Final Essay – written in CHEM 495