Chemistry and Biochemistry

Undergraduate Research Awards

New URA Application

New URA applications can be submitted at any time during the year.

Consult with your Faculty Advisor about a research project and write a proposal with their assistance.

Complete the four steps below to apply. 

Your application will promptly be reviewed and you will be notified by way of email if your proposal has been accepted and an award granted.

Continuing URA Application

The process for Continuing URA will not change.  Applications will be reviewed and awarded three times a year: Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer. Please follow the steps below.

                     Please be aware that the Deadline for a Fall 2018 URA is September 7, 2018 at midnight.

There are four steps to apply:

URA Proposal Workshop

All applicants applying for the first time are required to attend a URA workshop held at the beginning of each semsester and in the Spring. If you have received a URA in the middle of a semester or term, you will be expected to attend the next workshop held.

Anyone else who may have questions about the URA or would like more URA training is also welcome to attend. At this meeting, we will discuss how to write a high-impact URA proposal to increase your odds of getting funded. You are expected to already have a rough draft of your proposal by the time of this meeting.  Please refer to the Guidelines document to help you write your proposal.

Guidelines for URA Proposals