Chemistry and Biochemistry

Undergraduate Research Award (URA)

Spring/Summer 2023 Applications NOW CLOSED

Submission Deadline: March 24 @ 5pm

Undergraduate Research Awards (URA) are granted to promote undergraduate research and experience in the lab.


General Information

There are two types of URAs: 

New URA - Applications can be submitted and accepted anytime during the semester.

Students must have approval from their faculty advisor before applying.

Renewal URA - Applications must be completed by the application deadline. Late submissions will not be considered.

An application must be submitted for each semester a student intends to work in the lab.

Applications will be opened prior to Fall, Winter and Spring semesters.

Concurrent enrollment in a chemistry research course is required.

This course must be registered for at the time of application.

See the section titled Concurrent Enrollment for further information on course selection.

URA Proposal Training Videos

The URA Proposal Training Videos provide important information and tips on writing a URA proposal.

All applicants should view one of the linked training videos before submitting their application. 

Application Instructions

Concurrent Enrollment

All students must be concurrently enrolled in a research course in order to receive a URA. Research course options include CHEM 297R*, CHEM 497R*, and CHEM 498R. Discuss with your lab advisor which course is appropriate for you.

*Full semester sections are even numbers, second block only sections are odd numbers

Contact Information

URA Administrator, Alison Anderson

Phone (801) 422-2792