Chemistry and Biochemistry




National Chemistry Week 2017

National Chemistry Week will take place the week of October 23 – 28, 2017, on Brigham Young University Campus. The theme this year is: "Chemistry Rocks." The activities and programs are sponsored by the Central Utah Section of the American Chemical Society. Activities include chemical magic shows, a "hands-on workshop" especially for children, a symposium, and a research poster session ...


Chemistry Professors Kara Stowers and Rebecca Sansom Taking Strides

This women’s flag football team is full of Ph.D.s


Remembering More Than Names

The 2017 BYU annual University Conference was held Monday, August 28, 2017 in the Marriot center. The names of Karl G. Maeser and Abraham O. Smoot are more than familiar to BYU faculty and staff members. Perhaps it is even a cultural requirement to know them in order to work at the university. The contributions of these men to the ...


BYU-created mini tool has massive potential

BYU researchers have created a miniaturized, portable version of a tool now capable of analyzing Mars’ atmosphere — and that’s just one of its myriad possible uses.
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