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Chemistry and Biochemistry




Finding New Treatments for Tuberculosis and Malaria in Nature

Life-saving chemical compounds are traditionally created using hundreds of thousands of dollars and multiple years in the lab, but David Michaelis, a professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, is currently working on a process that could revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry.


John D. Lamb to officially retire July 1, 2014

Chemistry and Biochemistry Associate Chair John D. Lamb will officially retire on July 1 after nearly 30 years of teaching at Brigham Young University.


Using Sponges to Soak Up Smog’s Secrets

In Utah winters, smoggy skies are a forgone conclusion, and people muddle through as best as they can by staying inside or wearing protective facemasks. But what if smog wasn’t a problem? What if Utah could be beautiful and healthy all year round?


BYU student Suresh Kumar wins third place award at 41st Symposium of HPLC in New Orleans

Kumar was selected from approximately 350 poster presenters at the symposium.

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