Chemistry and Biochemistry

Blood Tests Reimagined

Posted: Nov 09, 2020

BYU professors are in the business of life-saving, not just research and teaching.

BYU faculty hailing from all across the scientific field—specifically, molecular biology, chemistry, integrated optics, and chemical processing—have reinvented “superbug” blood testing. Rather than waiting 24 potentially critical hours for test results to return with data on antibiotic-resistant bacteria within the blood, BYU professors Richard Robison, Aaron Hawkins, William Pitt, and Adam Woolley of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry and UC Santa Cruz professor Holger Schmidt have reduced testing time to under an hour. 

These results are the fruit of five years of research and over $5 million worth of grants from the National Institute of Health. The findings of the professors on this subject are published in science journal Lab on a Chip.

This topic was thoroughly canvassed by BYU Media Relations Manager Todd Hollingshead. His article may be read here.

Pictured in the photo are Drs. Richard Robison, Adam Woolley, Aaron Hawkins, and William Pitt. This photo was taken by BYU photographer Claire Moore.