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Winter 2019 TA Awards

Posted: Sep 03, 2019

Congratulations to the Winter 2019 recipients of the acclaimed Garth L. Lee Undergraduate Teaching Awards. This award is given in recognition of excellent instructional work within the students duties as Teaching Assistant in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and is funded by the Garth Lee Endowment.

"The award is named in honor of Professor Garth L. Lee, who was a master teacher in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Utah State University for ...

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2019 University Conference Awards

Posted: Aug 29, 2019

Congratulations to the Dr. Daniel H.Ess and Dr. Adam T. Woolley for being awarded the following awards at the 2019 University Conference:


Dr. Daniel H. Ess

Karl G. Maeser Research and Creative Arts Award

This award honors faculty members for outstanding research and creative accomplishments and is made possible by the generosity of the Karl G. Maeser Scholarship Society.

Dr. Adam T. Woolley

Sponsored Research Recognition Award

This award recognizes faculty members who demonstrate ...

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Dr. David Dearden Reappointed as Chair of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Posted: Aug 12, 2019

Dean Gus Hart of the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences has reappointed David Dearden as chair of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. He will serve in the position for another three years.

Dearden has authored or co-authored over 60 peer-reviewed articles. He has received the Alcuin Fellowship twice, and is the recipient of the National Science Foundation Young Investigator Award. Currently, Dearden’s research, which is funded by the National Science Foundation, focuses on ...

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One PhD Candidate’s Path to BYU

Posted: Aug 02, 2019

PhD candidate Ashari Kannangara came to BYU from Sri Lanka to study how to make chemotherapy more effective. “I have seen a lot of people go through the pain of cancer,” she said. One of those was her uncle, who battled bladder cancer for several years. She witnessed not only her uncle’s suffering, but also how “their family went through this miserable pain.”

But even before her family’s life was impacted by cancer, she was ...

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BYU team breaks down major players in cell to score future cancer therapy wins

Posted: Jul 12, 2019

For the past five years, researchers at BYU have studied protein complexes that have the job of regulating cell growth and survival, processes that are essential for cells to grow healthily. Consequently, these protein complexes are also a target for cancer and other diseases.

The team is working to better understand the role and functionality of the complex, named the mechanistic target of rapamycin - or mTOR for short.

Learning more about mTOR and how ...

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Uniting Women in Chemistry

Posted: Jul 09, 2019

In 2016, Dr. Stowers — a then new member of the Department — met with a handful of women in the department to discuss a potential program for female chemistry students. The meeting also addressed the challenges that female BYU students face within the chemistry major. This meeting was the catalyst for the idea of the Women in Chemistry Club. In Winter 2018, Naomi Flindt (a then, first year-graduate) approached Halle Murray (a chemistry student ...

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NASA turns to BYU for critical Mars research ahead of human missions

Posted: Jun 18, 2019

A multidisciplinary team of BYU chemistry and engineering researchers has been tasked by NASA to develop a system to measure the size and electrical charge of Mars dust — a detail seemingly innocuous, yet critical to the success of human missions to the Red Planet.

“The next great challenge in human space flight is Mars,” said BYU chemistry professor Daniel Austin. “And of course, Mars is very dusty. The problem is we don’t know very ...

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Dr. Jennifer Nielson Wins Citizenship Award for Chemistry

Posted: May 03, 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer Nielson for winning the Citizenship Award for Chemistry given by the BYU Faculty Women’s Association. The association was founded to improve the quality of professional life for faculty women, to increase awareness of and sensitivity to gender issues, and to promote solidarity and a sense of community among the members of Brigham Young University.

"Dr. Nielson is an excellent teacher, serves as a new faculty member and is an associate dean ...

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