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Dr. Delbert J. Eatough Wins Frank A. Chambers Excellence in Air Pollution Control Award

Posted: Jun 30, 2010

The Air & Waste Management Association held its 103rd Annual Conference & Exhibition the week of June 22-25 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Each year, the Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) honors top environmental professionals for outstanding accomplishments and leadership in environmental service. These awards were established by the Association to encourage environmental professionals to serve as models for others and to further the mission and key objectives of A&WMA.

The Frank A. Chambers Excellence in Air Pollution Control Award is presented to an individual with outstanding achievement in the science and art of air pollution control. Dr. Delbert J. Eatough, emeritus professor of chemistry at Brigham Young University, was presented this award “for his research contributions in the areas of fine particulate measurement, characterization, and source apportionment,” according to an article in the Environmental Manager, A&WMA’s monthly magazine for environmental managers. “Dr. Eatough was among the first to demonstrate the consequences of physical and chemical changes in pollutants between source and receptor,” the article goes on.

About his more current work, the Environmental Manager said:

“Dr. Eatough’s work in atmospheric processes, source apportionment, and measurement technology has helped decision-makers understand which sources and pollutants should be controlled to gain the greatest benefit on adverse effects. This has made significant, and often pioneering, contributions toward the chemical understanding needed to make decisions related to fine particulate air pollution control.”

Complete article published in the Air & Waste Management Association’s Environmental Manager, under “2010 A&WMA Honors & Awards”.

By Cory Renshaw and Jessica Henrie