Chemistry and Biochemistry

2009 Chemistry and Biochemistry Awards Banquet

Posted: Apr 28, 2009

The Chemistry and Biochemistry Department hosted its 2009 Awards banquet on April 8. The catered dinner included winners from the Spring Research Conference as well as undergraduate awards, undergraduate research awards, graduate student awards and graduate research fellowships. Winners are as listed below. Spring Research Conference winners were Marie Chilton (co- with Allen), Na Li, Elisabeth Pound, Changna Wang, Jie Xuan, Thomas Ence, Jon Low, Allen Nicholson (co- with Marie) and Michael Wood. The ACS Analytical Chemistry Junior Award was given to Megan Renee Hirschi. The Catalyst Club Outstanding Junior Woman award was given to Amy Felsted. In the graduate student awards section, the Loren and Maurine Bryner Award was given to Yanshu Feng and Xueyuan Zhou. The Jennie Swensen Award was given to Peter Shen. The Outstanding Graduating Ph.D. was given to Xiangtian Long. In the graduate research fellowships section, the Stanley and Leona Goates Fellowship Award was given to Elisabeth Pound. The BYU Graduate Studies Fellowships Awards were given to Rob Hilton and Fan Yang. The Organic Fellowship (J.S. Bradshaw Fellowship) Award was given to Joshua Robinson. The Roland K. Robins Fellowships Awards were given to Mickey Miller, Rebecca Plimpton and Stacey Smith. The Charles E. and Margaret P. Maw Fellowship Award was given to Weichun Yang. In the undergraduate awards section, the Freshman Chemistry Major Award was given to Nathan McMaster, Freshman Chemistry Non-Major Award, Dylan Pratt; Organic Chemistry Major Award, Aaron Pulsipher; Organic Chemistry Non-Major Award, Daniel Condie; Chemistry Literature Award, Laura Webb; Chemistry Education Award, Michelle Merrill; Physical Chemistry Award, Jacob Grange; Biochemistry Award, Jason Nielson; Analytical Chemistry Award, Devin Busby; Inorganic Chemistry Award, Samuel Tartakoff; and Service Award, Kate Sadler. In the undergraduate research awards for spring and summer the James A. and Virginia S. Ott Undergraduate Research Award was given to Aaron Johnson. The Glenda L.M. Harr Undergraduate Research Award was given to Jon Low. The Keith P. Anderson Award was given to Devin Busby. Other undergraduate research awardees are Lee J. Allen, Devan Olin Beck, Megan Browning, Aaron Michael Clark, Jeff Clark, Daniel L. Condie, Ammon Eaton, Alan Erdmann, Austin Hadley, Leah Hall, Steven Kearnes, Jonathan Kerby, Jeremiah Keyes, Laura Lessetter, Bryan Mangelson, Devin Mathews, Sam S. Matthews, Scott Terry Maughan, Bailey Mortensen, Daniel N. Mortensen, Emily Nelson, Jason Nielson, Seth Olson, Anthony (Andy) D. Peterson, Aaron Pulsipher, Arthur D. Quast, Matthew Rowley, Mark Ian Sawyer, Lauren Spence, Robert Swenson, Jonathan O. Wright, Jonathan P. Wright and Irene Young.

Photo by Janet Fonomioana