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Benson family commemorates shared heritage with tree decorating party

Posted: Dec 05, 2018

Traditions cherished by a past president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were resurrected Dec. 3 when the family of Ezra Taft Benson partnered with the Benson Building staff to host a Christmas tree decorating party on the BYU campus.

Chemistry students and Benson family members mingled together, discussing the former prophet’s legacy while decorating a Christmas tree. The tree was adorned with musical instruments and pages from Handel’s “Messiah,” a testament to both President Benson’s love of music and his spirituality.

President Benson passed away in May 1994.

“It’s great to connect people that are in the building that is his namesake with his family,” said Jacob Shaner, a junior studying chemistry. Shaner said he helped drive attendance to the event by publicizing it through Y-Chem, BYU’s chemistry club.

“One thing I like about the Benson Building is there’s a whole case dedicated to President Benson and his heritage,” he said. “It has actual things he owned. You can get a sense of who he was. It’s fitting this event is here.”

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