Chemistry and Biochemistry

BYU Again in the Top 10 for Grads That Get Ph.D.s

Posted: Aug 29, 2011

Academically speaking, Daniel Mortensen was a “late bloomer” according to his faculty mentor.

In Daniel’s own words, chemistry classes are “pretty tough” and “discouraging to a lot of people, myself included.”

But by graduation, Daniel was the lead author of a study published in a respected chemistry journal and he had punched his ticket to one of the world’s top chemistry Ph.D. programs, UC Berkeley.

“BYU allows students to get a lot of hands on experience that isn’t necessarily available anywhere else,” Daniel said.

Because BYU is primarily an undergraduate institution, each year several hundred new graduates like Daniel fan out across the country after gaining acceptance to Ph.D. programs at other universities.

Over the past decade, 2,442 of BYU’s graduates have earned Ph.D.s. That figure makes BYU 10th in the country as a Ph.D. launching pad – and there are signs of an upward trend.

Looking at just the past five years of data, BYU ranks 5th in the country as a Ph.D. launch pad – ahead of schools like Harvard, Stanford and Yale.

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