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Children Show Their Appreciation for Y-Chem Service

Posted: Aug 03, 2012

The kids at attending summer day camp South Franklin Community Center showed their appreciation for Y-Chem. Y-Chem, BYU's chemistry club, taught the kids science principles through a fun and entertaining Magic Show.

"The purpose of the Y-Chem Magic Shows is to encourage students to explore their interests in science, especially in chemistry. These shows help them to visualize chemical principles in exciting ways so as to spark their imagination and curiosity," says  Mark Murdock, the magic show coordinator for Y-Chem. And spark an interest in chemistry is exactly what Y-Chem did for the kids at the South Franklin Community Center summer day camp.

"It was such a hit - the kids kept talking about it...The kids loved the slime, the changing color solution and the elephant toothpaste!" said Meisha Slight of the South Franklin Community Center.

By Rachael Roselle

Photos courtesy of Meisha Slight, South Franklin Community Center