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CPMS Recognizes Dr. Macedone for Excellent Teaching

Posted: Feb 07, 2013

Dr. Jeff H. Macedone recently received the Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award (3-10 years) at the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Awards Banquet on Thursday, January 31.

“[Dr.] Macedone is an energetic teacher whose enthusiasm is contagious,” a news article in the college newsletter reads. “Though his courses can be tough, students continue to give him the highest ratings.”

Appropriately, Dr. Macedone’s favorite part about his job is turning students on to chemistry, which can sometimes be a challenge.

“I enjoy finding ways to spark student's curiosity about chemistry,” he said. “Some students come into my class thinking that they ‘have’ to take chemistry. It's exciting to feel a change throughout the semester that they feel like they ‘get’ to take chemistry.”

To help achieve this end, Professor Macedone enjoys using chemical demonstrations to help students relate to more abstract concepts and keep them on the edge of their seats.

“I know I am doing my job right when the classroom experience prompts a student to ask a question that is at the next level of understanding or application,” Dr. Macedone said. “One particular student came to my office to declare that they couldn’t believe a certain principle I had been teaching. We talked over the concept and designed an experiment that they could do in their kitchen. The student went home, performed the experiment, and brought back pictures the next day. The student had a big smile and said, excited, ‘OK, now I totally believe this!’ ”

Dr. Macedone accepted his current full-time position at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in January 2007. Prior to becoming an assistant professor in the department, he earned a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry at BYU and worked with Dr. Paul Farnsworth as a postdoctoral student. Peggy Erickson, the administrative assistant for the department, also received a 20-year University Service Award at the banquet, recognizing her for 20 years of hard work and dedication.

Peggy Erickson (second from right) received a 20-year Univeristy Service Award.

In top photo, Dr. Jeff Macedone is pictured on the far left.

By Jessica Henrie

Photos by Carly Huchendorf, College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences