Chemistry and Biochemistry

Department Faculty Members Receive University Awards

Posted: Aug 25, 2011

President Cecil O. Samuelson paid tribute to all BYU faculty and staff members in the Marriott Center Tuesday morning (Aug. 23), and announced the 2011 recipients of numerous university honors, including six people from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Faculty members Steven R. Goates, Steven G. Wood, Allen R. Buskirk, and Daniel L. Simmons were recognized for various awards by President Samuelson 

Dr. Goates was chosen to receive a General Education Professorship, an award that “encourages and acknowledges outstanding contributions to undergraduate general education and honors courses by faculty who have pursued their scholarly interests and provided services to the university community.”

“Steven R. Goates is a champion of the principles of general education and honors programs,” reads the University Conference program. “Perhaps one of Steven’s most impressive qualities is his complete dedication to superior teaching and to his students. It is not uncommon to see students lined up outside his office, where he provides an attentive ear, a depth of knowledge, and a genuine desire to help.”

A co-recipient of the Karl G. Maeser Professional Faculty Excellence Award for “outstanding achievement in fulfilling professional faculty responsibilities,” Dr. Steven Wood was especially recognized for his creative use of humor and sophisticated online materials to engage classes of more than 200 students. The University Conference program states, “Steven G. Wood is a consummate teacher who has mastered the mix of academic rigor and humor to assist his students in successful learning. … Steve is such an effective teacher that his own colleagues frequently approach him to find out how he teaches particular concepts. As a previous student once remarked, ‘If you really want to learn something, take a class from Professor Wood.’ ”

The BYU Class of 1949 Young Faculty Award went to Dr. Allen Buskirk for “outstanding contributions by junior faculty.” Dr. Daniel Simmons received the Technology Transfer Award for “significant research contributions that have led to the development of useful commercial products.”

“We have a strong core of people working in this university,” President Samuelson said in his address before reiterating the need for continual improvement. “The highest purpose of scholarship is to serve God. … Once again, we congratulate these outstanding award recipients.”

By Jessica Henrie

CPMS dean Scott Sommerfeldt 

and Dr. Wood

Sommerfeldt and Dr. Goates

Sommerfeldt and Dr. Buskirk