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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Annual Awards Banquet

Posted: Apr 12, 2010

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry held its annual awards banquet on April 8 in the garden court of the Wilkinson Student Center. Attendees included award recipients, 2010 graduates, and department faculty and staff.

Dinner was served by BYU catering followed by the presentation of the awards. The awards are listed below:
Central Utah Section American Chemical Society Awards-Presented by Allen Buskirk
Spring Research Conference- Recognizes the top presenters in the chemistry sections of the Spring Research Conference. Awards consist of a cash award from the ACS and the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.
Ammon Eaton Allen Nicholson
Robert Hilton Elisabeth Pound
Steven Kearnes Matthew Rowley
Jeffrey Lai Jadd Shelton
Nitesh Madaan

Stacey Smith

Undergraduate Analytical Division- Recognizes an outstanding junior student with aptitude in analytical chemistry. Award consists of a plaque and an 8-month subscription to Analytical Chemistry.

Catalyst Club Award- Presented by Carole Harrison

Recognizes an outstanding junior female student in chemistry or biochemistry. This is a cash award.

Undergraduate Student Awards- Presented by Steven Goates

 The following awards consist of a cash award plus an 8 GB flash drive.


Freshman Chemistry Major Award- Molly Clemens

Freshman Chemistry Non-Major Award- Morgan Hardy

Organic Chemistry Major Award- Jonathan Scoville

Organic Chemistry Non-Major Award- Susan M. Folsom

Chemistry Literature Award- Amy Felsted

Chemistry Education Award- Emily A. Smith Finley

Hypercube Scholar Award- Marie Chilton

Physical Chemistry Award- Aaron Pulsipher

Biochemistry Award- Amy Felsted and Matthew Winterton

Analytical Chemistry Award- Sarah Winterton

Inorganic Chemistry Award- Lee Allen

Eliot A. Butler Service Award- Sara Copeland

Keith P. Anderson Outstanding Senior- Allen Nicholson and Jason Nielson

 Undergraduate Research Awards for Spring and Summer

Sixty-six students received undergraduate research funding awards for Spring or Summer 2010 terms.

The following students received special research funding awards for outstanding research proposals:


James A. & Virginia S. Ott Undergraduate Research Award- Nathan Wilde

Glenda L.M. Harr Undergraduate Research Award- Joseph Mosley


Graduate Student Awards- Presented by Paul Farnsworth

 The following are cash awards.

Loren & Maurine F. Bryner Award

Matt Heywood Elisabeth Pound
Dan Li Chad Rogers

Jennie R. Swenson Award- Jonathan Lee and David Petrucci

Telford & Frank Woolley Memorial Research Award- Amy Gray

Garth L. Lee Award- Robert Hilton

Outstanding Graduating M.S. Student- Joshua Robinson

Outstanding Graduating Ph.D. Student- Jesse Contreras & Jacolin Murray


Graduate Research Fellowships


Stanley & Leona Goates- Full research assistantship for Spring/Summer 2010.

Caleb Hiller

BYU Graduate Studies- Half-time research assistantship support for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Mickey Miller & Yong Wang

Bradshaw Organic Chemistry- Half-time research assistantship support for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Yanshu Feng

Roland K. Robbins- Full research assistantship support for the 2010-2011 academic year with a cash supplement.

Tanielle Alvarez Fan Yang
Alexander Curtis Chun Wan Jeffrey Lai
Brad Loertscher Betsy Olsen

Charles E. & Margaret P. Maw-Full research assistantship for the 2010-2011 academic year with a cash supplement.

John Hunter

By Cory Renshaw