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Dr. Boerio-Goates presents "Last Lecture" at Homecoming Social

Posted: Nov 15, 2013

Dr. Juliana Boerio-Goates retired from Brigham Young University on July 1, 2013 after 35 years of service. She was honored at the Homecoming Alumni Dinner and Fall Social where she gave a "Last Lecture".

All department alumni, faculty, staff, emeritus faculty and retirees were invited to attend the dinner and lecture honoring Dr. Boerio-Goates. There were about 120 people in attendance.

After arriving at the Benson Building, attendees enjoyed a dinner provided by BYU Catering. After dinner, guests mingled among each other before being seated for Dr. Boerio-Goates' lecture entitled, "Unto whom much is given, much is expected; A 30 years reflection".

Dr. Boerio-Goates and husband, Dr. Steve Goates, accepted positions at the university in 1981. 

One of Dr. Boerio-Goates' earliest and brightest students was Dr. Brian Woodfield who introduced her. All of her students have been key assistants in her research and success over the years.

Dr. Boerio-Goates was hired at a time when there were not many women in the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. Because of this, she was able to represent women in the sciences and speak to groups that promoted education for women such as the Women in Science Center.

While raising a family, teaching and doing research, Dr. Boerio-Goates was very active at her Catholic parish and the Diocese of Salt Lake City. She has served on numerous committees, including chairing the committee to raise funds to build a true church in place of the site the parish had been meeting at for the past 75 years.

Upon completion of the project, Dr. Boerio-Goates realized that she wanted to devote herself to the parish full-time and pursue an advanced degree in Catholic theology and pastoral ministry. To do this, she made the decision to retire from BYU.

Dr. Boerio-Goates plans to continue to participate with her husband in department and university activities. She says she will always be grateful for her time in the Chemistry Department.


Before her lecture, Dr. Boerio-Goates

mingles with guests.


Dr. Boerio-Goates talks with former student

Dr. Brian Woodfiled,

By Ellen Westenhaver

Photos by Austin Gillett