Chemistry and Biochemistry

Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve

Posted: Apr 27, 2018

Congratulations to all graduating PhD, Masters, and Undergraduate students within the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

Associate Dean Dr. Jennifer B. Nielsen gave the opening remarks: she suggested that we, within the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, like measuring. But beyond this, arises the importance of ‘Life’s Measurements’:

1)      Measure your feedback in life: Use criticism as the starting block for self-development

2)      Love your critics: Those who measure you can be facilitators of your future success

3)      Measure yourself: Be lifelong learners

4)      You can’t measure the most important things: People are greater than data, and the most important things in life are both priceless and have no measurement

The first speaker was Edward Bay Pimentel from the Department of Chemistry. Pimentel began by thanking all those who had made not only his but all of the members of the college's graduations possible: The donors, scholarship funders, and personal supporters who include mentors, family, and loved ones. He thanked the donors for their continued generosity that allows the Physical and Mathematical students to be supported in their research and personal education through funding. He then encouraged his fellow graduates to continue to be lifelong learners, learners who use their education to become leaders in the community, who use their education to stretch humanity, and who engage in a life of service. “May we see this graduation as a beginning rather than an end, as we follow the Brigham Young University motto to: Enter to Learn, and Go Forth to Serve.”

The graduating class of 2018 will shortly be heading off to pharmacy school, medical school, various PhD Programs around the country, and have already recieved job offers to work for the governement, and for biotechnology companies to name a few. We wish them success in these future endeavors. 



Photographer: Kuang Lee

Writer: Taelin Wilford