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Homecoming Department and Alumni Dinner 2016

Posted: Oct 19, 2016

The 2016 annual Homecoming Department and Alumni Dinner was held on October 14th, in the Benson Science building. Alumni, young and old, came with their partners to greet faculty, staff, emeritus, and department retirees at a reception followed by a delicious meal.

After the meal, everyone moved to a lecture hall for a presentation and talk. John Lamb was the speaker for the evening and his talk was entitled  "Drawing Back the Cosmic Veil: Science and Revelation in the Latter Days." Lamb focused on four areas where new insights in both arenas have found harmony under the umbrella of all truth. These areas include the vastness of God's creations, including the number of worlds in the universe compatible with life; the importance of light or electromagnetism in governing the physical world; the existence of invisible worlds, including dark matter and dark energy; and the role of universal natural law in understanding our place in the grand scheme.  In summary, the theology revealed by Joseph Smith was in many ways ahead of its time in harmonizing with what we have come to understand in science about the universe we live in. 

Nolan Mangelson, who worked at BYU for a marvelous and demanding 34 years, shared a few thoughts about life after retirement, and was honored with the “Distinguished Pillar Award” which was presented by Dr. David V. Dearden, the Department Chair. This award recognizes individuals who have acted as pillars on which the department could build and grow.

Thank you to all who attended this wonderful event.


Photo Credit: Sue Mortensen

Writer: Taelin Wilford