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Jerald Bradshaw, Students Recognized at Chemistry Awards Banquet

Posted: Apr 08, 2013

Department administrators decided to change up the April 3 Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Awards Banquet a bit this year by including the presentation of its annual Department Pillar Award.

Dr. Jerald S. Bradshaw was awarded the honor, which recognizes emeritus professors who have made a significant impact on the department. Organic chemistry professor Dr. Paul B. Savage, who was part of Dr. Bradshaw’s lab when he was an undergraduate, spoke of the many achievements Dr. Bradshaw accomplished without the benefit of the state-of-the art laboratories and facilities students and faculty currently enjoy.

“We have great labs and facilities in the Benson [Science Building]. That didn’t happen by accident. … Key people did great things with poor facilities,” Dr. Savage told students at the banquet. “One of the greatest honors I’ve had is to come back to BYU and work with Jerald Bradshaw. … Sometimes we look at it [a ‘pillar of the department’] as a pillar we’re standing next to. I look at it as a pillar we’re standing on and building on. Jerald Bradshaw is one of those giants.”

Following the Pillar Award presentation, approximately 34 subsequent student honors were awarded to both undergraduate and graduate students. The banquet attendees also recognized all graduating seniors, Master’s and PhD students.

Dr. Adam T. Woolley offered congratulations to all the graduates, adding a special thanks to the graduate students: “Our graduate students play a key role in moving the department forward and in mentoring undergraduate students.”

The banquet was well attended, with about 200 people on hand to share in the celebration.

By Jessica Henrie

Photos by Bryce Holland

Dr. Paul Savage

Presents the 

2013 Department

Pillar Award to

Dr. Jerald



The following awards were presented by Dr. Matthew Asplund, Chair of the Central Utah Section of the ACS.


Spring Research Conference Section Winners

Recognizes the top presenters in chemistry sections of the Spring Research Conference.

1st Place 2nd Place
David Enfield Sarah Bahr
Sambhav Kumbhani
Courtney Britsch
Paul Lawrence
Molly Clemens
Zhiwei Ma
Brittany England
William Rankin
Megan Hirschi
Bhupinder Singh
Tori Kinard
Dipti Shah
Suresh Kumar
Anzi Wang
Ryan Paxman
Jonathan Wright
Glen Thurston
Ella Wyllie
Junting Wang
Philip Young
Jie Xuan

ACS Analytical Chemistry Junior Award: Devon Blake

Recognizes an outstanding junior student with exceptional aptitude in analytical chemistry.


Catalyst Club Outstanding Continuing Undergraduate Woman: Alicia Garff

Recognizes an outstanding female junior student in chemistry or biochemistry. This award is sponsored by the Catalyst Club, an association of women who are current or emeritus members of the department or spouses of current or emeritus members.


The following awards were presented by Dr. John Lamb, associate chair of the department.


Undergraduate Student Awards


Freshman Chemistry Major Award: Chapman Ellsworth

Freshman Chemistry Non-Major Award: Brett Graham

Recognizes an outstanding student in the General Chemistry 111/112 sequence (majors) and an outstanding student in the 105/106/107 sequence (non-majors).


Organic Chemistry Major Award: Jefferson Tyler

and 2013 ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry Non-Major Award: Ryan Gillis

Recognizes an outstanding student in the Organic Chemistry 351M/352M sequence (majors) and an outstanding student in the 351/352 sequence (non-majors).


Chemistry Literature Award: Lisa Heppler

Recognizes an outstanding student in Chemistry 391.


Hypercube Scholar Award: Philip Young

Recognizes an outstanding student for scholastic excellence in chemistry.


Physical Chemistry Award: Jack Fuller

Recognizes an outstanding student in the Physical Chemistry 462/463 sequence.


Biochemistry Award: Brian Bingham

Recognizes an outstanding student in the Biochemistry 481M/482M sequence.


Analytical Chemistry Award: Matthew Nielsen

Recognizes an outstanding student in the Analytical Chemistry 521/523 sequence.


Inorganic Chemistry Award: Matthew Nielsen

and 2013 ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry

Recognizes an outstanding student in the Inorganic Chemistry 514/518 sequence.


Eliot A. Butler Service Award: Joel Everett (for his service in YChem) & Brendan Coutu (for his service on the Student Advisory Council)

Recognizes a student who has provided significant service to the department while maintaining a high performance in course work and professional activities. This award is named in honor of Eliot A. Butler who was a former professor, chair, dean and associate vice president.


Named Undergraduate Research Awards for Spring and Summer


Glenda L.M. Harr Undergraduate Research Award: Charlotte Reininger

Recognizes a student with enthusiasm for chemistry and potential for success in research. This award is named in honor of the mother of an outstanding undergraduate teaching assistant who spent countless hours tutoring the donor of this award.


James A. and Virginia S. Ott Undergraduate Research Award: Lisa Heppler

Recognizes a student for academic achievement and potential for success in research. This award is named in honor of James A. and Virginia S. Ott who were master teachers.


Keith P. Anderson Outstanding Graduating Senior: Brian Bingham & Matthew Nielsen

Recognizes outstanding graduating senior(s) for overall scholarship and professionalism and classroom performance. This award is named in honor of Keith P. Anderson, a physical chemist who taught at BYU for more than 35 years.


The following awards were presented by Dr. Adam Woolley, associate chair of the department.


Graduate Student Awards


Loren and Maurine F. Bryner Award: Pankaj Aggarwal, Swati Anand, Shawn Averett, Paul Cropper

Recognizes advanced continuing graduate students. This award is in honor of Loren C. Bryner, professor of chemistry for 38 years, and Maurine F. Bryner, a faculty member of Food Science and Nutrition.


Jennie R. Swensen Award: Andy Gross, Jintao Jiang, Komal Kedia, Suresh Kumar, Catalina Matias

Recognizes advanced continuing graduate chemistry or biochemistry students. This award is named to honor Dr. Albert D. Swensen and his lifetime of contributions to the department and in memory of his wife, Jennie Romney Swensen.


Telford and Frank Woolley Memorial Research Award: Mark Acerson, Takuma Aoba, Jonathan Lee, Matthew Ollerton

Recognizes outstanding students who are conducting significant research in cancer or in other health-related areas. This award is named in honor of Telford Woolley, a physician who passed away prematurely due to cancer. When his father died, his name was added to the award.


Garth L. Lee Award: Andy Peterson

Recognizes an outstanding continuing graduate student for religious commitment, service and scholarship. This fellowship is named in honor of Professor Garth L. Lee, who was a professor of chemistry at Utah State University for many years.


Outstanding Graduating Ph.D. Student: Elisabeth Gates


Graduate Research Fellowships


Stanley and Leona Goates Fellowship - 20 hr. assistantship for Spring and Summer 2013: Tayyebeh Panahi

Recognizes an advanced chemistry graduate student for outstanding scholarship and achievement in research. This award is named in honor of Stanley and Leona Goates, the parents of Dr. J. Rex Goates, professor of chemistry emeritus, and grandparents of Steven R. Goates, professor of chemistry.


Bradshaw Organic Chemistry Fellowship - 10 hr. research assistantship for 2013-14: Zhiwei Ma

Recognizes an advanced organic chemistry graduate student for scholarship and achievement in research. This award is named in honor of Jerald S. Bradshaw, an outstanding emeritus faculty member.


K. Robins Fellowships – 20 hr. research assistantship plus a cash award: Chad Jones, Sambhav Kumbani, Chris Woolstenhulme

Recognizes outstanding graduate students for outstanding scholarship and promise in research. These awards were created to honor Dr. Roland K. Robins, who was world-renowned for his creativity and activity in the syntheses of new medicinal compounds.