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Milton Lee to be Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Posted: Nov 23, 2015

Dr. Milton L. Lee has been chosen to receive the 2016 LCGC Lifetime Achievement in Chromatography Award. The award will be presented to Lee this March at the Pittcon 2016 conference in Atlanta, Georgia. 

"The Lifetime Achievement in Chromatography Award honors a seasoned professional for a lifetime of contributions to the advancement of chromatographic techniques and applications," reads the announcement article in LCGC. "Professor Lee's work stands out for its broad range across both acdemic as well as application areas, including environmental, biomedical, and chemical-biological warfare analysis."

"LCGC magazine," explains Lee, "reaches everyone worldwide who is involved in chromatography at any level. Therefore, to me, this award is different from other chromatography awards in that it implies that my life-long efforts in the field have led to new techniques, products, and/or ideas that have become useful to practicing analytical chemists for solving real-world problems." 

Lee has worked at BYU for more than 35 years and is the author of more than 540 publications. His work is not confined to the academic sphere, however.  Lee holds 20 patents and has founded three analytical instrument companies as well.

Despite all his personal contributions to society and science, however, Lee feels that his students have really made his career worthwhile. "The highlight of my professional career," he says, "has been the 72 graduate students and 28 postdoctoral research associates who have worked with me over the years, and have now gone on to contribute in significant ways to the betterment of society. I cherish the exciting times we spent together at BYU and our continued friendship."

To learn more, read the LCGC article here.