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“It’s a Trap!”

Posted: Apr 23, 2021

The world’s first marine chronometer, the legendary Star Trek tricorder, and innovations toward portable mass spectrometers.

Dr. Austin’s Efforts Toward Mass Spectrometry and Portable Mass Analyzers

On March 9th, 2021 Dr. Daniel Austin from the BYU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry was presented the Izatt-Christensen Faculty Excellence in Research award for his extensive laboratory innovations and accomplishments. This endowed award of excellence is presented annually, alternating between BYU’s Chemical Engineering and Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty. ...

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COVID-19 Myths and Misconceptions

Posted: Mar 08, 2021

As COVID-19 vaccines are becoming increasingly available to the general public, many misconceptions about the vaccine and its effect have began to circulate.

A recent poll across the United States indicates that 30% of the population does not plan on receiving the vaccine, thus postponing the possibility of herd immunity and potentially putting the nation's health at risk.

Josh Andersen, a current BYU Professor with a PhD in molecular virology, leads research in the Fritz. ...

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Samurai, Swords, and Scientists

Posted: Feb 19, 2021

Look out, BYU — there’s a new club on campus and they’ve got swords. 

Scientists with Sword Skills (SwiSS) is exactly what it sounds like: a group of scientists (all members are currently from the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry) with swords and the skills to use them… skills honed under the watchful eye of the club advisor, department postdoctoral fellow Dr. Richard Carson.

“The genesis of all this occurred when I was a graduate ...

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Three Minutes to Success

Posted: Feb 19, 2021

Student Concordia Lo has won the Chemistry Department and the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences 3MT competition!

Now she will advance to the university-level competition. Student Grant Ludlam of the Chemistry Department also received an honorable mention at the college level of the competition.

The 3MT competition is a three-minute research presentation performed by students and judged by faculty. The competition takes place at multiple universities worldwide.

Last year, student Reuben Dass of the ...

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Apply Now!

Posted: Jan 12, 2021

Come experience the unique opportunity to work as an undergraduate researcher in BYU's Talmage Internship and Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) programs. We invite non-BYU students to apply.

The Talmage Internship is a sought-after 10-week laboratory position at a BYU Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry lab of the intern's choice. The TRI offers research in multiple disciplines, state-of-the art resources, personal attention from faculty, and the chance to co-author research publications. Many Talmage interns have used ...

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One Move at a Time

Posted: Dec 09, 2020

Creating a cure for a chronic disease is a marathon, not a sprint. In this case, Professor Pam Van Ry and her research team are the race-runners.

BYU weeks begin with hundreds of students making their way through campus — hiking the stairs up from 800 North to the university on their way to class, to work, to the library, and to the laboratory. In the Chemistry Department, students stand for hours, poring over microscopes and flasks. Department professors ...

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Revolution in an Honors Thesis

Posted: Dec 08, 2020

As if ending the waste and energy crises weren't enough, BYU student Skylar Van Horne's Honors thesis describes a potential fix for world hunger, too.

Van Horne bases his thesis in research he accomplished with the BYU Chemistry Department's Hansen Green Group. The Green Group seeks to harness bacteria breakdown and gas production, i.e. the process that occurs in swamps: bacteria break down waste and produce methane gas. The Green Group wishes to apply this process ...

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Studies in Glass

Posted: Nov 20, 2020

PhD student Tahereh G. Avval’s exceptional research on glass earned her an award from the American Vacuum Society (AVS).

The AVS annually issues the Applied Surface Science Division (ASSD) award to outstanding students of chemistry. Avval studied the surface chemistry of glass, including its use as a substrate — a chemical reactant — in electronic devices. In her work, she relied on atomic layer deposition and low-energy ion scattering (LEIS) in order to thinly layer ...

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