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BYU Researchers Find New Target for Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Posted: Feb 08, 2019

One of the biggest challenges to cancer therapy is that cancer cells adapt to their environment and become resistant to treatment. New research by BYU professor John Price and grad student Monique Speirs found a way to slow this adaptation process — technically called metabolic reprogramming — in one of the most difficult cancers to treat: pancreatic cancer.

In a paper recently published in biomedical journal Oncotarget, Price and Speirs detail how ...

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Professor Jaron C. Hansen Develops Alternate Fuel

Posted: Dec 18, 2018

Thanks to the work of BYU Chemistry Professor Jaron C. Hansen, this seemingly ordinary dairy farm has the potential to power the 21st Century using anaerobic digestion technology. 

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Benson family commemorates shared heritage with tree decorating party

Posted: Dec 05, 2018

Traditions cherished by a past president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were resurrected Dec. 3 when the family of Ezra Taft Benson partnered with the Benson Building staff to host a Christmas tree decorating party on the BYU campus.

Chemistry students and Benson family members mingled together, discussing the former prophet’s legacy while decorating a Christmas tree. The tree was adorned with musical instruments and pages from Handel’s “Messiah,” a testament ...

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Professor Ryan Kelly Featured in the Scientific American 2018 December Issue

Posted: Nov 28, 2018

Until now, Protein-identification technologies could provide only an overall view of larger samples rather than detailed information about the proteins in single cells or very small cell clusters. "We can now isolate and analyze the individual needles from the haystacks, whereas before we had to analyze the needles and haystacks together," says chemist Ryan Kelly. He and his colleague Yin Shu, both then at PNNL, co-authored the study published this past summer in Angewandte Chemie. ...

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Research offers hope for simpler cancer diagnosis and treatment

Posted: Nov 19, 2018

Monitoring cancer can often be an intrusive and exhausting process for patients. But with BYU chemistry professor Ryan Kelly’s new research, there is hope for a simpler way: No more biopsies. No more spinal taps. Instead, patients may be able to take a simple blood test to diagnose, monitor and tailor appropriate therapies for various cancers.

Creating therapies for cancer patients is greatly enhanced when doctors know about the biochemical makeup of tumors, including what ...

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Professor Milton L. Lee, Axcend Corp. Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer, Receives the Prestigious 2018 Csaba Horváth Memorial Award

Posted: Oct 24, 2018

The Award was presented to Professor Lee during ceremonies held last Thursday at the 18th Annual Csaba Horváth Memorial Award Symposium on the campus of Yale University in Orange, Connecticut. Following the award presentation, Dr. Lee delivered the Keynote Lecture, titled "Novel Technologies for Portable Capillary Chromatography."

According to CSSC President, Thomas Melninkaitis, "The Csaba Horváth Memorial Award has been presented annually since its creation ...

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Dr. Brian Woodfield Featured In Nature Science Journal

Posted: Oct 08, 2018

Brian Woodfield of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, was interviewed featured in the world’s top science journal, Nature. 

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Coach Rose's 100K Charity Challenge Winnings Become Endowment for BYU's Cancer Research Center

Posted: Oct 03, 2018

Earlier this year BYU fans across the globe helped win $100,000 for BYU’s Simmons Center for Cancer Research by voting BYU Basketball Head Coach Dave Rose to the top in the Infiniti Coaches Charity Challenge

This week the Simmons Center announced that the prize-winning money has enabled them to create an endowment that will fund cancer research fellowships in perpetuity. The David and Cheryl Rose Family Student Cancer Research Endowment will provide student wages ...

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